The specific objective of the Hub is to demonstrate that timber-based products are sound and adaptable construction materials in the contemporary urban environment and especially sub-tropical and tropical environments.

The Projects of the Hub are focused around the creation of Exemplars and represents the first attempt in Australia to create a tall building prototype with an exposed timber structure that adheres to the intent of advances performance assessments, and not simply adhere to current regulatory constraints.

Researchers within the Future Timber Hub are examining components for tall timber in a broad range of Projects which examine in greater detail critical aspects for designing with timber.

Long-span floor timber systems and the potential for improved fire performance

This project investigates the fire performance and structural integrity of floor timber systems. The development of a floor timber system incorporating Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products will be used as integral part of the work herein, aiming at a composite system (timber-FRP) with structural stability during and after fire.