Pathways to Net Zero Energy for Engineered Wood Multi-storey Buildings in Australian Tropical and Sub-Tropical Climates [eWoodZEB]

Sustainability & Durability

This project takes evidence-based development approach, through simulation and experimental testing of optimised construction systems and details to improve the environmental performance of multi-storey CLT buildings in tropical and sub- tropical climates, with focus on their hygro-thermal behaviour and airtightness.

Performance requirements are set to achieve net zero energy use, in accordance with relevant Australian and international standards, and green rating tools. This implies innovative solutions for insulation, thermal bridging and air-tightness. This research project aims to demonstrate the superior holistic performance, economic advantages, and reduced environmental impact of net zero energy buildings (ZEB) that employ optimised CLT solutions. 

Project Partners: 
  • Assess hygro-thermal performance of multi-storey CLT buildings in the Australian context.
  • Develop and test optimised CLT construction details for net ZEB in tropical and subtropical climates.
  • Validate CLT solutions against Australian standards and promote their integration into recognized rating & certi cation tools. 

Project Researchers