Non-destructive evaluation of elastic material properties and acoustic characterisation of wood based massive panels

Material Anisotropy, Heterogeneity and Variability

This project aims to develop and optimise a non-destructive evaluation (NDE) protocol to determine the global stiffness properties of full-scale mass timber panels directly in the production line. A numerical model for transverse vibration of an orthotropic plate along with experimental modal analysis of mass timber panels will be developed and utilised to determine the global stiffness properties.  The stiffness properties of mass timber panels obtained through NDE techniques will be compared with the standard static tests to verify the developed protocol. The project will also conduct a preliminary evaluation of the acoustic performances of mass timber panels to identify the sound absorption characteristics in relation to the damping response.

Project Partners: 
  • Develop a procedure to determine global stiffness properties of mass panels directly in the production line environment,

  • Develop experimental modal testing for mass timber panels,

  • Develop a numerical model for vibration of orthotropic plates,

  • Evaluate preliminary acoustic performances (such as damping and absorption characteristics).

Project Researchers