Non-destructive evaluation of elastic material properties and acoustic characterisation of wood based massive panels

This project aims to develop and optimise a protocol to determine the global stiffness properties of full-scale mass timber panels directly in the production line and to assess their acoustic performance. Key outcomes will include:

1. A practical, non-destructive procedure for analysis of mass panels and a results analysis technique.

2. Numerical and analytical mechanical models of massive timber panels

3. Full scale vibration analysis of CLT panels

4. Verification of test data based on standard tests on subsamples

5. Preliminary evaluation of the acoustic performances

6. Development of prototype equipment for analysis of mass panels. 

Material Anisotropy, Heterogeneity and Variability

Project Researchers

  • Develop a procedure to determine global stiffness properties of mass panels directly in the production line
  • Numerical and analytical mechanical modeling of massive timber panels
  • Preliminary evaluation of acoustic performances 
Project Partners: