Webinar: Timber Construction - Resource-Adaptive Digital Design

Webinar: Timber Construction - Resource-Adaptive Digital Design

This webinar held on 9 December 2020 covered significant opportunities within the current timber supply chain to utilise our natural timber resource in a more efficient, and valuable, way. Researchers from The University of Queensland and ARC Future Timber Hub presented new computational design approaches for resource-adaptive timber construction, and designer-led development of resource-efficient building products and systems. 

Presentations included:

  • Harry Mills - Resource-responsive design strategies for under-utilised timber
    Harry Mills is a ARC Future Timber Hub PhD candidate at UQ. His research focuses on developing tools to support built environment uptake of alternate and non-structural timber resources. See recent news aricle: Utilising underutilised timber: timely study flags opportunities for Australia
  • Caitlin Reid - Lamination heuristics for utility-grade nail-laminated timber
    Caitlin Reid is a UQ Civil Engineering graduate, who developed computational tools for timber design as part of her final year thesis.
  • Dan Luo - AI defect identification for timber resource recovery
    Dan Luo is a Lecturer at UQ, with a dual appointment in Civil Engineering and Architecture. She has a strong computer science background, having completed a PhD in digital design and robotic fabrication from Tsinghua University.


5:00pm 9/12/20

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