Timber pavilion featured at Melbourne Design Week 2020

News Item

The timber pavilion that was exhibited last year in Barcelona for the IASS ‘Advanced Manufacturing and Materials’ Competition is now on display at the Melbourne School of Design’s Future Prototyping Exhibition as part of Melbourne Design Week 2020.

The exhibition offers glimpses of the future with prototypes of sustainable design, reduction and re-use of material and is being officially launched on the 13th March at the University of Melbourne and runs until the 22nd March. 

Chief Investigators of the Future Timber Hub, Kim Baber and Dr Joe Gattas will be presenting during the Melbourne Design Week.  Kim Baber will be presenting at a floor talk on the opening night and Dr Joe Gattas is on the panel at the Symposium on the 18th March.

About the timber pavilion

The pavilion is part of the current research of the Future Timber Hub into the use of Inventory Constrained Design with utility grade timber and is part of the Hub Project "Alternative uses for under-valued sawmill products in innovative timber structures".

The pavilion can be erected in 90 minutes.  As a completed 1:1 prototype, key aspects of the process and outcomes of the research are able to be witnessed as a real, tactile and material demonstration. Being able to walk through the space, inspect the details and appreciate the detailed resolution of the project is a powerful way to communicate the research. The structure utilises an innovative part assignment algorithm that sorts and locates short lengths of structural grade timber extracted from utility grade studs. 

"If even a small percentage of utility grade timber can have some extra value added to it through innovative uses of short (but structural grade) lengths of timber extracted from otherwise utility grade members. This can have considerable impact given the quantities of utility grade timber produced in industry." Kim Baber said.

# Photo courtesy of the University of Melbourne