Commendation awarded to the Future Timber Hub Pavilion on exhibition in Barcelona

​Commendation was awarded to the Future Timber Hub Pavilion design project which was Finalist in an international competition and exhibition held in October at Form and Force 2019, Barcelona. 

From over 30 entrants the Future Timber Hub Pavilion was one of only four to receive this award. For the jury, elements of particular merit were the design of the timber node connections, and the detail of the interface between the timber structure and fabric skin. The project team have been invited to include this research project in a special issue of the IASS Journal next year. The team are honoured to achieve this result. 

The pavilion is part of a research project in the Future Timber Hub that aims to minimise waste timber through an innovative design process entitled 'inventory constrained design'.  Researchers have coupled this with funicular modelling, a design process that was used by Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudí over a century ago. The Research Project team includes: University of Queensland researchers Kim Baber and Joe Gattas; research partners from Swinburne University of Technology, Jane Burry and Canhui Chen; students and graduates from the School of Architecture including Daniel Foote, Harry McCullough, Fatemeh Raouf and Nick Russel, and visiting timber researchers from the University of Kaiserslautern, Benedikt Blumenröder and from the University of Bath, Aurimas Bukauskas.  The pavilion was fabricated in the workshop thanks to Sam Butler and Mark Lynne, and the support of the Future Timber Hub Industry Partner, Hyne Timber. The structure will be exhibited at UQ and Swinburne in the near future.

To view the Pavilion Competition Poster click here.

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