for Rapid/Modular Construction


Intertenancy acoustic isolation is an important consideration for multi-storey buildings. At a minimum, building code requirements must be met, and higher quality buildings are expected to have superior acoustic performance.

Flanking sound:

The degree of acoustic separation between apartments is in uenced not only by direct sound transmission through building elements (walls / floors), but also by flanking sound transmission via junctions and interstitial cavities. Flanking sound can severely compromise room-to-room acoustic performance.

Junction detaiing to reduce flanking sound:

Current practice is to line CLT with plasterboard or floating floors in order to improve flanking sound insulation. This project explores junction detailing for CLT consruction, in order to improve sound transmission performance of built systems and allow designers more freedom to work with exposed CLT surfaces. These junctions must also perform structurally, be fire safe and thermally effective. 

Project Partners: 
  • Model vibration transmission across CLT junctions
  • Establish methodology to measure vibration transmission across CLT junctions
  • Develop and test acoustic isolation concepts using full-scale prototypes¬†

Project Researchers